Dear Sensitive Soul,

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On Transformation
Are You A Highly Sensitive Newbie? (Part II)

Last month, I published Part I of an article for those who have recently discovered they’re Highly Sensitive. Here’s Part II …

5. Give Yourself a Break
Learning about being sensitive can trigger a lot of emotions – in many forms. Joy, relief, sadness, excitement, and confusion may all surface, often all at once. This is a great time to practice great self-care and take time for yourself. As you learn to support your Sensitive Soul, you’ll find that you need plenty of time to be alone, to rest, and to sleep. Possibly more than you’ve ever allowed yourself to imagine!

6. Confide Wisely
It’s important to choose confidants wisely. Not everyone is ready or willing to understand the concept of being sensitive. I suggest that you share your new discovery with trusted friends and loved ones, particularly those you live with. It can help them better understand you and where you’re coming from.

7. Connect With Other Sensitives
It’s also incredibly helpful to connect with other Sensitive Souls when you feel ready to do so. You can be fully welcomed and received by others who 100% appreciate who you are! On my website you’ll find details about monthly TeleGatherings for Sensitive Souls and links to a variety of communities for sensitives all over the Internet.

8. Take a New Look at Who You Are
As you begin to integrate and accept your sensitivity, think about what works for you and what doesn’t in your life. You may find that certain activities, situations, environments, or individuals are no longer supportive. For example, you may find that certain friendships are quite draining of your energy – it may be time to let them go. Although it may sometimes seem like a hindrance, the more you work with your sensitivity rather than against it, the more you’ll be able to fully share your talents and yourself with the world.

9. Develop Your Strengths
Being Highly Sensitive means you have a number of unique talents, including being empathic, intuitive, and creative. Because many of us have suppressed our sensitivity in order to fit in, these talents may be latent strengths, waiting to emerge. There are many books available to help you to explore these gifts. My favorites include: “The Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide” by Kyra Mesich, “The Psychic Pathway” by Sonia Choquette, and “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, among others.

Take the time to develop these valuable skills. They’re an important part of who you are. You owe it yourself to discover how powerful you can truly be.

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Ask Jenna

Dear Jenna,
I have a second job as an administrator for a health clinic. I'm so happy. It's a dream come true. But there’s one thing though: Being the Sensitive Soul that I am, I feel myself overstimulated and nervous. Do you have any quick suggestions for dealing with butterflies at work?

- A.S.

Dear A.S.,
Here are a few ideas about butterflies. Listen to your inner voice and choose the right ones for you!

*Breathe. Anytime you feel butterflies, breathe deeply into your heart and belly where your true power and spirit lie.

*Get grounded. Go outside for walks, put your hands in salt or earth, draw up grounding energy from the earth into your feet, take Epsom salts baths after work, take your shoes off and plant them firmly on the ground, or roll your feet on a tennis ball.

*Drink water. Water keeps me clear and focused, and helps block energy from other people.

*Exercise. Same as above. A quick walk around the block might be helpful.

*Ask for Divine support. I ask the Universe and my Higher Self to support me, and for "elemental" assistance. I ask the air elementals to calm the storm of my mind and the earth elementals to keep me grounded.

*Set an intention. Consider your larger purpose each day, and set an intention before you get to work. For example: "My intention is to be grounded and calm, and to easily move through my day with peaceful awareness."

*Remember the newness factor. In a new job, I’m easily exhausted by learning so many new things, being in a new space, and being around new people in a new way. You'll adjust gradually. Meanwhile, be gentle with yourself and give yourself permission to be in transition.

*Practice extreme self-care. Starting a new job, particularly one you care about, is a big deal. Consider finding ways to nurture yourself at the end of every day, REGARDLESS of whether you think you did well or not.

*Remember your high standards. You likely have higher standards than your co-workers and are significantly more mindful of your work than they are. If you're like most Sensitive Souls that I know, you'll be much more likely to err on the side of being hard on yourself than letting others down.

Hope this helps!


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Being sensitive can be lonely. It’s hard to be the only one who feels the way you do. It is critical to have a friend who understands where you’re coming from – a “Sensitive Soul Buddy,” as one of my own buddies says.

Having someone who can relate to your trials and successes is a part of living a happy and healthy life. Having someone to validate your experience helps counter those inner voices saying, “What’s wrong with you?” and “Why can’t you just fit in?” At times like these, reach for your phone, call your Sensitive buddy, and ask for support! Be sure to choose someone who appreciates the gift of being sensitive and is willing to support you in trusting your sensitivity.

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