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Can you believe the end of the year is approaching so rapidly? Time seems to fly faster each year. In October, I attended three Cal football games and made a trip to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. What a contrast! I am continually surprised by my love for football. I was never a sports fan as a child, but now I’m delighted by the positive energy and the outdoors.

Last month's "Energy Skills For Sensitive Souls" TeleClass was a great success. Everyone learned valuable skills that they put into practice right away. People also said how wonderful it was to hear all the "me too's" when they shared their experiences. I'll be offering the class again November 9 at 4 p.m. PST. Please join me.

This month's feature article is called, "Are Those Your Feelings?" It focuses on empathy and how to determine what's your own experience and what's not, originating from questions raised on the blog under the topic "Your Biggest Questions."

In this issue, you'll also find important information about your e-zine subscription and an announcement about the long-awaited Sensitive Professionals Network.



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Feature Article
Are Those Your Feelings?

Several empathic and sensitive readers have shared on the blog that they struggle with knowing when they’re experiencing their own feelings versus feelings they have "picked up" from someone else.

To review, empathy is the ability to tune into and experience another person's feelings as if they are your own. Sometimes we even process emotions for other people so they don't have to, which isn't exactly fair to either person. For more information about empathy, see my article "Understanding Empathy." Most empaths are untrained intuitives who haven't learned to strengthen their boundaries and consciousness to make their psychic ability work for them. Once you have developed your empathy, you'll be a clairsentient or skilled empath, able to clearly distinguish between your feelings and someone else's feelings.

Here are some key steps to developing your ability, and beginning to discern what you are experiencing:

1. Make It Conscious
As an empath, you naturally tune into other people. The key is to learn to do it consciously. Recognize and accept that you can pick up on other people's emotions. Name what you are experiencing, and don't second-guess it. This is part of learning where your boundaries are. My coaching teacher, Marcia Collins, uses a wonderful technique of naming out loud every emotion she picks up. She understands emotion as simply being "energy in motion," and chooses to experience it as such.

I also recommend using yarrow flower essences to help you raise your consciousness around your empathy and learn to differentiate your emotions from others.

2. Know *How* You Are
In order to tell the difference between someone else's emotions and your own, you first have to know how you are feeling. Regularly tune into yourself and ask, "How am I feeling right now?" Another helpful tool is the use of morning pages -- writing three pages, stream-of-consciousness style, every morning. Meditation is also a powerful way to strengthen your energy field and sense of yourself.

3. Know *Where* You Are
Are you in your body? Are you grounded? You can learn energy skills to ground yourself so you can be more present in your body and in your own experience. You might also try breathing into the places in your body where you feel tense, anxious, or are experiencing an emotion. This will help bring you back to yourself. Spending time in nature or simply getting outside is also of great benefit. I've heard it said that being around the nature spirits of plants and animals can help us discharge what we pick up.

4. Use Self-Inquiry
Once you are conscious and aware of your own experience, then you can start to dialogue with yourself when you pick up something that you suspect isn't your own. Simply ask, "Is this mine?" Then, allow the answer to come from deep within. When you do pick up on something that's not yours, spiritual teacher Sonia Choquette recommends saying, "This is not my experience." Also try, "This is not mine. Everything that is not mine, leave now!"

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Energy Skills TeleClass

If the emotions of others affect you, you will benefit from learning energy skills to clear away what you pick up from other people, stay in your own energy, and protect yourself from unwanted "stuff." Sign up here for my next Energy Skills for Sensitive Souls TeleClass on November 9, from 4 to 5:30 p.m. PST.

A TeleClass is a class conducted like a conference call over a "bridge-line" that we all phone into at the same time. You can read more about how it works here.

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Announcing the Sensitive Professionals Network

I've been planning and plotting to create a Sensitive Professionals Network for more than a year . . . and it's coming soon! Would you like to be able to share your professional services with other sensitive souls? I would love to know that my accountant, doctor, or coach is highly sensitive, too! This is will be a very low-cost listing service (around $20 per year), with a place for people to add their testimonials about your services, and opportunities to share articles and network about what it takes to succeed in business as sensitive souls.

Check it out here:


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The Spaces Between Moments

I describe moments that take my breath away as the "spaces between moments" — instances where it feels like time stops and life’s beauty takes over. As a sensitive soul, you may know what I'm talking about. What creates those moments for you? Here are some of my latest delicious moments:

* Sipping green tea in the covered patio at the Japanese Tea Garden, watching the fall leaves drift into the pond.

* Listening to great folk music and sewing on a quiet afternoon, with a sweet kitten nearby.

* Petting a ball of ecstatic purring, nuzzling, and drooling kitten, snuggled into my hair or wrapped around my neck.

* Experiencing the vulnerable truth of another human being.

* Snuggling with my sweetheart on a cold fall night.

What does it for you? I'd love to hear from you on the blog, here.


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