Dear Sensitive Souls,

I’ve been hoping to finish two articles for a while now – “The Power of Morning Pages” and “What’s So Great About Being Highly Sensitive, Anyway?” – but other interests keep coming up (sound familiar?). It’s been a bit too busy lately for this Sensitive Soul. But the waters are parting and I’m seeing through to the other side. I do hope to get the articles published on my website by the end of the year.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the “Are You Highly Sensitive?” class at Berkeley’s Elephant Pharmacy in October. I connected with some wonderful Highly Sensitive Souls. This month, I’m offering another class there: Holiday Survival Tips for Sensitive Souls.” We’ll cover the same topic at this month’s TeleGathering. Hope to see you there.

As I mentioned last month, I’m now offering special products hand-picked for Sensitives. (See below.) I’m also offering a new service: Personalized Consultation Sessions. (See the link in the sidebar.) So far I’ve successfully assisted clients in devising strategies to prevent picking up negative energy from grumpy co-workers, to cope with noisy children at emotionally intense times, and to separate their emotional experiences from those of others. Join me!


On Transformation
Dance With Your Spirit

I was recently thrilled to discover Heather Munro Pierce’s TransDance (sm) at a local gym. Heather leads powerful dance classes, retreats, and women’s dance circles. I hope you’re inspired to dance with your spirit, too!

As Highly Sensitive Souls, our energy is often focused in our upper chakras. In other words, it’s easy for us to get caught up in our minds and disconnected from our bodies. It’s my belief that Highly Sensitive Souls leave our bodies, energy-wise, when we get overwhelmed. This leads to increased sensitivity. Heather’s work embodies my ideal combination of physical movement and spiritual practice, keeping my mind and heart engaged with my soul and body as I exercise. Heather’s work engages all the chakras, and brings me into a state of oneness with my self, my body, and my spirit. I leave her classes feeling uplifted, grounded, and inspired. She is truly “living her gifts.”

Heather is a modern-day temple dancer who has led inspirational, transformative, and healing movement since 1988. In addition to a range of dance exploration, she has studied anthropology and religion at UC Berkeley and completed a four-year program in Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. TransDance (sm) integrates elements of tribal motion, freestyle jamming, moving meditation, and active imagination into a potent, playful, and prayer-full dance experience. Contact Heather at or at 510.845.4717 for details.

** How will you dance with your spirit? **

HSP Connections

I recently came across, a geographic, free group connection website. There are more than 70 “Elaine Aron” MeetUp groups, including groups in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Singapore. More are forming all the time. Many of you have asked about how to find ways to meet other Highly Sensitive Souls in your area. This looks like a great way to make connections.

Find an “Elaine Aron” MeetUp group ->

Bay Area HSP Connections

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can receive announcements about events locally. For instance, I’m planning an HSP Open House in my home in 2005. Click “Update Profile/E-mail Address” at the end of this message and check the box next to “Bay Area (San Francisco) Events” to join the notification list.

Five-Star Products for Sensitive Souls

Still Point Inducers
These are lifesavers for Sensitive Souls. A still point inducer is a simple, comfortable device that you can rest your head on for about 15 minutes (up to 4 times a day). It temporarily stops your cranio-sacral rhythm, which allows your system to "reset" itself. This is part of what a cranio-sacral therapist does when they work with you.

My own experience with cranio-sacral therapy and a still point inducer has been profound. I am able to release stress and overwhelm very quickly when lying down to take a still point break. It’s fast becoming one of the top products that I recommend for a Sensitive Soul’s self-care tool kit.

There is a still point inducer available online through the Upledger Institute, but I have found their product to be too hard. Instead, I’ve been using a style available from Canada that is softer and more comfortable – and therefore, more effective. It is constructed of two bright (and cheerful!) soft foam balls on a nickel-plated chain, with adjustable clasps.

Still Point Inducer, $35,
including shipping, handling, and tax ->

Protection and Grounding Necklaces
Sonia Choquette, author of The Psychic Pathway, recommends using crystals to protect and ground yourself. She recommends obsidian for “blocking energy” – especially for “hypersensitive types, people who pick up too much energy and are too concerned about other people.” She recommends hematite for grounding and for people with “addiction problems, because it stabilizes emotions.”

I have designed and created hand-made necklaces using these materials. They are 16-3/8th inches in length – choker style, but not too tight – and include obsidian beads, hematite beads, Czech glass beads, and black seed beads. I wear my necklace whenever I’m going to be around other people, or on the phone with clients. I’ve found it to be centering, grounding, and protecting. I'm fast becoming addicted to wearing it, and often receive compliments on it.

Protection and Grounding Necklace, $30,
including shipping, handling, and tax ->


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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Nov. 9
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Holiday Survival Tips for Sensitive Souls

Event at Elephant Pharmacy, 1607 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley
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Thursday, Nov. 18
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TeleGathering for Highly Sensitive Souls
A free gathering with like-minded souls. Third Thursdays of the month. Sign up for details and announcements. “How do you thrive through the holidays?”




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On My Nightstand

I recently finished reading The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide: Essential Skills for Living Well in an Overstimulating World by Ted Zeff, Ph.D. I found his book to contain a number of insightful, useful, and carefully considered strategies for getting by in a not-so-sensitive world.

Zeff offers practical solutions to HSP challenges throughout, and addresses specific issues in a Q&A style in the last chapter. He also brings new information about insomnia and ayurvedic medicine to the table. I greatly appreciated his incorporation of Eastern spiritual principles and self-healing methodologies. Zeff has synthesized a range of experience, knowledge, and study into a comprehensive, clear, and accessible guide to life as an HSP. 5 stars.

Visit Dr. Zeff’s website ->


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