Dear Sensitive Soul,

Welcome!   Please join me this month as I continue to honor the gift of sensitivity in our lives.  Consider the world we sensitives live in – pause to drink in the beauty of our spiritual connection, our magnificent emotions, and our insightful knowingness.  Join me in celebration!

In peace – Jenna

Remember Who You Are

As a Sensitive Soul, you have a lot to offer the world. Sensitivity is one of your gifts – a precious part of who you are. I’m here to remind you that you’re a special soul, with beautiful wisdom to share.

If you start to lose touch with this, these metaphorical models of sensitivity might help you recall your wisdom.

Most people know the story of the Princess and the Pea. She’s the Sensitive Soul that can’t sleep because a tiny pea wedged underneath a stack of the softest mattresses keeps her tossing and turning all night. She tries not to complain. But she’s eventually unable to keep up pretense and admits that her sleep was disturbed. Her trust in herself couldn’t be restrained – it was celebrated! It’s excellent model of authentic sensitivity.

Coal miners used to bring canaries with them into the mines because the bird was sensitive to the buildup of carbon dioxide. It served as their warning signal to evacuate the mine. I often thought of myself as the canary in the coal mine at my former job. I was highly aware of the dysfunctions of my work environment and culture – others seemed to blindly go along. I was sorry to see my boss lose talented employees – including myself, eventually – because he refused to recognize what he was creating. Psychologist Elaine Aron, in “The Highly Sensitive Person,” urges employers to listen to the concerns of sensitives in the workplace to avoid problems later on.

We have an important role to play in accessing and speaking the truth, even if it’s only to ourselves. We’re able to tune in to what’s really going on and what’s unhealthy, though others around us may not, cannot, or will not see it. The important lesson: ALWAYS pay attention to our inner knowing. This requires a lot of self-respect and self-trust. But by so doing, we create more of the same.


I recently completed reading Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person,” by Barrie S. Jaeger. It was challenging for me because it evoked difficult memories of past work experiences. I was surprised to discover how close to the surface the feelings were. And I was grateful for having made conscious, deliberate choices to leave that world behind.

Her book reinforced the fundamental importance of meaningful work for Highly Sensitive Souls. We’re not the sorts of creatures who can “get by” in careers that don’t respect our sensitivity or feed our souls. Her simple yet telling concept of “psychic income” impressed me. I call this the “meaning factor.” She highlights the importance of balancing the monetary and intangible incomes we get from our work – the satisfaction. She also illustrates the concepts of “drudgery,” the slippery slope of untenable work; “craft,” a middle ground that can be more sustainable; and “calling,” where our work aligns with our sensitivity, values, and gifts, and we are adequately compensated both financially and psychically. It’s a dream to strive for.

The book definitely makes my recommended reading list.

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The Power of Emotions

For Sensitive Souls, emotions are complex. Many have learned that our emotions are “too much,” unacceptable, or overwhelming. On top of that, society has a marginal relationship with emotions, ruling that only certain emotions are O.K.

This is, and has been, an important growth place for me. My relationship with my emotions continues to blossom. For example, I used to think anger was “bad.” Period. I’ve come to celebrate my anger (and its many faces) as a powerful alarm system. My anger lets me know when my boundaries have been crossed, and when it’s time to say no. I’m even coming to appreciate my “down” times as an indicator that I need to rest, withdraw, and recharge. It’s not easy for me to respond to these powerful forces with grace. But I’ve learned that my emotions have important messages for me. I’ve only to pay attention.

**What messages are your emotions bringing to you right now?**

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