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Focus on Fours

The Enneagram is a system of 9 personality types organized around understanding our ego’s survival strategies. I personally have found it to be an incredibly revealing and informative system that has enabled me to see myself more clearly. In my work with Sensitive Souls, I have found that many sensitives are Fours (including me!), though each number has areas of sensitivity as well. This article focuses on Fours, and their path of transformation.

~ Fours Are Dreamers ~
Fours are known in Enneagram circles as the Dreamers, the Romantics or the Individualists. Fours have a tendency towards empathy, depth of emotion, and creativity. Fours can also become quite disconnected from their bodies and have trouble staying grounded. Of all the types, Fours are the most challenged by our world because they feel so different from everyone else around them. Many Fours experience a sense of being flawed and not being deserving of love. Part of the source of this is a Four’s focus on what is missing – or always longing for more or better. This can be quite distracting from “what is” and the present moment. A huge part of the path of transformation for Fours is practicing gratitude, acceptance, self-love, and forgiveness. One way to do this is might be to work with a gratitude journal.

~ “Envy is Blindness to One’s Own Brilliance” ~
Fours also can get caught up in envy, in a way that is often exaggerated. For example, a Four can see an average, happy relationship and perceive it as “The Most Amazing, Perfect Relationship,” without seeing its everyday ups and downs. From a broader perspective, however, envy can be a powerful tool. A common adage in coaching circles is, “You spot it, you got it.” In other words, what we envy in others is what we are already capable of having, doing or being. So further transformation for Fours is to look within to see where they might need to grow in order to fully embrace their latent capability. Working with the example, one approach to this concept might be to ask, “How am I being called to grow in relationship?”

~ Expressing Your True Self ~
A third aspect of transformation for Fours is about tuning into and expressing their authentic selves. Because Fours can get focused on external image and how they appear to others, their attention and energy gets distracted from the truth of who they are. Their judgment of themselves as flawed, and the belief that they are not “good enough” reinforces this. Discovering and identifying with their essential self brings balance to a Four. Meditation, turning within for guidance and following intuitions are a powerful means of accessing true self.

And, one of the most profound and direct ways I know to align to one’s essential, authentic self is through working with a spiritual coach!

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Next Group Starts Week of March 8th

The registration deadline for the March Career Transformation Coaching Group is March 8th. There is still space in the group!

This Career Transformation coaching group is the perfect place to experience support in tuning into your passion and to yourself as you discover how you are being called to serve. My coaching philosophy focuses on helping you access your inner voice, answers, and guidance and on creating high levels of self-awareness. Additionally, a hugely powerful aspect of the coaching group is the safe, sacred space I create, in which you can experience being fully known, seen, and received in all your beautiful sensitivity by like-minded spirits.

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Managing Empathy

Something that emerged during the last TeleGathering was the idea of “disconnecting” from our loved ones, clients and acquaintances as a way of managing our empathy. Here’s one way to do this: Imagine that as you part ways, you can gently disconnect a cord that connects your heart to your friend’s heart. These energetic cords occur naturally as you meet with someone, and yet can be draining when left in place. I learned this technique from the fabulous Elaine La Joie, in her excellent Accessing Your Intuition TeleClass (also a great resource for managing your energy and empathy).

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