Dear Sensitive Soul,

Hello there! This month is all about career. As you know, I’m passionate about supporting Sensitive Souls as we claim work that works for us. When we tap into our passion and make a contribution, our lives become joyful and much easier. I have that. I want it for you, too.

In this issue you’ll find an article about transforming your career, one sensitive’s career success story, and an invitation to join a Career Transformation Coaching Group. Please join me.

In peace – Jenna

Work that Works for Sensitive Souls: Six Steps to Transforming Your Career

In the workplace, the gift of sensitivity may feel like a handicap. As Sensitive Souls, we care passionately about our work and it tremendously impacts our well-being. I am a fervent champion of work for Sensitive Souls where we can fully contribute and feel deeply satisfied by our efforts.

So how is this possible?

Work for Sensitive Souls must feed our minds, hearts, and souls. We must make a contribution that resonates to our core. To do otherwise is to invite despair, confusion, and sorrow. The traditional structure of working culture isn’t always supportive of our needs. So we must create work that works ourselves, whether by creating our own positions or businesses, working in less mainstream positions and companies, or adapting our current jobs to better suit us.

In order to create work that works, I believe that Sensitive Souls can benefit from the following explorations:

1. Tune Into Yourself
2. Factor In Your Soul
3. Create an Ideal Career Checklist
4. Do Take Your Sensitivity to Work
5. Support Your Sensitivity & Practice Self-Care
6. Get Support

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Carrie Marsh, a former urban planner, crafted a career that integrates both her design sensibilities and natural sensitivities. She left the hectic world of planning to develop a business where she creates sacred, safe, and healing physical spaces for people. Carrie learned to transform her challenges as a Sensitive Soul into the basis for her career. She says:

"I have always been very sensitive to my environment and the energy and stimuli around me. One coping skill I developed as a child was to create serene spaces which allowed me room to relax and get clear about my Self in relation to my world. My professional life is defined by this desire to create nurturing spaces in which people may thrive. My own journey of learning to cope with my sensitivities has led me to create a career in intuitive interior design, which aligns with my soul's purpose, provides an outlet for my gifts, allows me to use my skills to help others heal, and gives me control over the quality of my work environment.”

Visit Carrie's website ->

Join a Career Transformation Group

A Career Transformation coaching group is the perfect place to tune into yourself and your passions, and to discover the work you love! You will craft an ideal career vision and learn what it takes for YOU to be happy with your work. My coaching philosophy focuses on helping you access your inner voice and answers. Additionally, a powerful aspect of the coaching group is the safe, sacred space I create. You experience being fully known and supported by like-minded spirits. Our work also includes group brainstorming sessions on your most pressing career transition questions, such as: “How do I get started?” and “How can I pull together all these different ideas?”

The next group starts July 15 at 4:30 p.m. PDT.

For details, visit my website ->


HSP West Coast Gathering
October 8 – 11

This year's keynote is "Creativity and Sensitivity: A Joyous but Tumultuous Union" with Elaine Aron, Ph.D.  The gathering will be held in Three Rivers, California.  I'm currently planning to attend and would love to hear from you if you're attending. The registration deadline is July 15.

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Meditation CDs
Centerpointe’s Holosync meditation CDs offer a program of sound-induced meditative states, including Alpha, Theta, and Delta states. Free demo CD available.

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Celebrate the Truth of Who You Are

Sometimes being sensitive can be hard. We feel different from everyone else, and we learn to feel “wrong” about who we are. One reader wrote and told me about her success in celebrating herself and gaining greater self-acceptance. On her doctor’s request, she embarked on a two-step plan: 1) To write herself a letter about why she loves herself and to mail it to herself; and 2) To host a “Celebrate Me” day.

She says: “I am a Highly Sensitive Soul, very creative, and very introverted. In recent years, I have also been coping with severe health issues. At the request of my doctor, who believed I was at a turning point in my life, I was to throw a party for myself – for me and about me! The purpose was twofold: First, to be my true self the whole day, doing anything I dreamed of; and second, to learn who my supportive family and friends are. They were not informed of the doctor’s request, to ensure their response was authentic.

“In the end, I found that being myself - dancing to the beat of a different drum - and enjoying the company of a few others is far better than putting on a false mask of ‘being ordinary’ and trying to fit into a crowd. Some say I [now] have fire in my spirit, others [see] a spark in my eyes.

“I still have a long way to go, but I’ve gained so much self-confidence that most days are celebrations of my inner spirit now. I don't hold back. I hope the lessons I learned will help other Sensitive Souls.”

**How might you celebrate your sensitive self?**


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