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2004 is here! I can hardly believe it!  This month's e-zine includes a new section focused "On Transformation" (along with an updated look), and some special coaching offers.  I’m also launching another Coaching Group for Career Transformation and continuing with the magnificent TeleGatherings for Highly Sensitive Souls – I'd love to have you join me!

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Giving Ourselves Permission

A common theme that comes up in my discussions with Highly Sensitive Souls is that of permission.  What we need and want is often so different from others around us, it can be very challenging to permit ourselves to do what our soul requires of us. 

I believe that as sensitive beings, we actually have an incredibly fine-tuned inner guidance system to let us know, in any given moment, exactly what it is that we need to properly care for ourselves.

The trick of it is, however, that many of us have learned to ignore our guidance (sensitivity) because it doesn't "fit" societal expectations or what we think we "should" be doing.  (If there is another more dangerous word for Sensitive Souls, let me know!)

It is such a simple thing, really, and yet so hard to do - giving ourselves permission to BE WHO WE ARE, and to honor ourselves on every level.  And yet, every step we take in this direction brings us more closely into alignment with our gifts and our truth.

One of my spectacular clients in the current Career Transformation group has captured this perfectly in regard to building her business (paraphrased with permission): "I've realized that I've been giving a lot of my power away, thinking I need to do things the way others do them. I now feel required to be brave enough to claim who I am and to do it my way - to have the courage to go for the power of originality." 

** How will you transform your life by giving yourself permission to be who you are?  **


The last TeleGathering was incredibly insightful.  We had a group of thoughtful and Sensitive Souls who shared their wisdom on the topic of "What are the true gifts of your sensitivity?"

One of the most interesting aspects of the discussion focused on our high levels of self awareness that enable us to tune into our self care needs, do deep, deep processing (we leave no stone unturned!), and to live in a fairly high state of consciousness, growth and exploration.  We acknowledged the stretching this requires at times as well!

Please visit my website for a more detailed summary of our intriguing discussion, and please consider joining us for our next gathering!

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Lately I've been enjoying a series of audio tapes focused on aspects of sensitivity that have been quite helpful to me in deepening my understanding and appreciation of our trait.  Note that the links in this section will take you directly to

Becoming An Empath: How to Develop the Power of Your Emotional Intuition by Karla McLaren.  In this set of two audio tapes, McLaren gives instruction on how to understand the "messages" that emotions carry, and how to manage and develop your empathic skills.  I recently ordered another of her titles focused on establishing and maintaining "Energetic Boundaries."

Appreciating the Trait of High Sensitivity: Learn to Thrive in a Not-So-Sensitive World by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.  Dr. Aron continues to shed light on critical aspects of sensitivity.  This tape clarified and highlighted several key points for me, including:

  • HSPs have merely a "lower threshold" for stimulation that others; it's not that we dislike ALL stimulation.  For example, an 8 for me on a scale of 0-10 might be a 4 for a non-HSP.  We're just different!
  • HSP's have a "spiritual talent" - most will answer yes when asked, "would you be willing to sit at the beside of dying stranger and comfort them?"
  • Water is a powerful tool for dealing with stress and pollutants - whether drinking it, bathing in it, or being near it - even washing dishes in it!!
  • Finding ways to put our sensitivity to good use is one of our most significant challenges.

Also now available, Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person by Barrie S. Jaeger.  I'm eagerly awaiting my copy from and have heard great things about her work & insights.

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Let There Be Light
Recently, a magnificent Self Care TeleClass participant and client mentioned the benefits of Full Spectrum Light bulbs for coping with mood swings brought about by changes in natural light.
When the weather or season results in greater darkness, I often experience "winter blues" (even from the summer fog in the Bay Area!)

Her reminder encouraged me to try again (8 years ago I found them to be glaring and stark), and these light bulbs make a HUGE difference in my state of mind.  Their light is soft and natural, and I find them cheering in concept, function & form.

They are available in a number of locations, such as lighting stores, locally in places like the Elephant Pharmacy and Andronico's, and online at websites such as Gaiam (you'll find a link below).

I highly recommend, however, NOT putting them next to your bedside - as sensitive as I am, I find they keep me awake!  Enjoy.

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