Dear Sensitive Soul,

Welcome to February! For us Californians, we’re experiencing an odd mix of rain alternating with beautiful sunlight. I personally prefer the sun, since I am light sensitive, but my full spectrum bulbs are coming to the rescue! What’s up for me these days is a deep look inward – I’m working to further release old limiting beliefs, delve into self-protective energy techniques, and deepen my understanding of the Enneagram. Stay tuned for more information specifically for Highly Sensitive Souls – this is a fruitful time for me, and I plan to share what I learn with you!

This month I’m offering the popular Self Care for Highly Sensitive Souls TeleClass, with new material for body, mind, heart and soul. I’ll also be launching a March Career Transformation Coaching Group with a free Intro TeleMeeting towards the end of February (see Upcoming Events, right). And, as always, please join me at this month’s free TeleGathering for Highly Sensitive Souls.

I’ve also decided to offer a new service, one near and dear to my heart – Daylong Personal Discovery Retreats – these in-person, one-on-one workshops are for the connoisseur of personal development and exploration – someone ready to take their self-knowledge to a deeper level of mastery. If you are looking for more clarity, direction and vision in your life, this one is for you.

I look forward to having you join me!

In peace – Jenna

Work that Works

One of my favorite topics with Highly Sensitive Souls is Career Transformation. As Highly Sensitive Souls, we are deeply influenced by everything around us, and work in particular has a huge impact on our well-being. We are not the kind of people who can take on work without meaning – it quickly becomes “Drudgery,” as Barrie Jaeger calls it in her new book, Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person. Forcing ourselves to pursue work without meaning condemns us to lives of stress and desperate unhappiness that impact us at the soul level.

I believe this happens because Highly Sensitive Souls are so in touch with our spiritual purpose (whether we consciously recognize it or not) that our souls let us know when we aren’t on our “right” path. Our sensitivity, our feelings, and our bodies LET US KNOW, “This is not for you!” - sometimes even to our own chagrin. One of the most challenging aspects about letting go of my former profession was hearing my colleagues say to me, “But you’re so good at it!” And yet to me, it was hardly a valid argument. Being Highly Sensitive means that we can be so good at a lot of things - we are conscientious, thorough, loyal and diligent – we do great work! But that’s not always enough for us. Our work must also feed our minds, hearts and souls – we must be making a contribution to the world in some form that resonates with our core being.

A challenge for Highly Sensitive Souls around career change is that many of the standard formulas just don’t apply. Finding a “regular job,” with its accompanying 40+ hour work weeks, commuting, florescent lights and cubicles, is little inspiration at best, if not downright disheartening. And “dumb jobs” come with other dangers like being under-challenging. Neither is a particularly suitable alternative for a sensitive being.

On the other hand, I have found that “getting out of the box” and drawing on our creativity and ingenuity to create new (and often solo) careers is a powerful antidote to these challenges. Our passions and inclinations naturally draw us towards work that will support our intrinsic nature – we just have to be ready and willing to look. Our own inner guidance and wisdom will lead us to our right livelihood – listening to that voice within is the key.

**How is your inner voice guiding you to transform your career?**


The last TeleGathering was magnificent, as always. Coming together with such a thoughtful, sensitive group is nourishing beyond belief. At this last gathering, we focused on the inquiry, “How has your sensitivity been of powerful service to yourself or others?”

A common theme that emerged was our ability to connect deeply with and support others in times of major transitions. Many of us spoke about our ability to be fully present with death and the dying. Others talked about the power of our emotional support and deep understanding of others. We also celebrated educating others about sensitivity through our words and thoughtful connections. All in all, a beautiful occasion.

Please consider joining us for this free monthly event!

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In addition to reading Jaeger’s new book on sensitivity and work, I've been continuing to enjoy more “audio learning.” Note that I’m in the midst of many of these titles – tune in for more detailed reviews next month on my website. I’m sure you all are catching on to my tendency to engage multiple titles simultaneously, and my voracious nature as a reader! Note also that the links in this section will take you directly to

And speaking of Amazon – I recently wrote a “So You’d Like To” list for their site, called “So You’d Like To… Learn to Thrive as a Highly Sensitive Soul.” Please check it out and let me know what you think!

I’m excited to be reading Barrie Jaeger’s new book, Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person. So much of what she writes about speaks to my own inklings about career and sensitivity, our requirement for meaningful heart work and the slippery slope leading to burnout and frustration. Yet another powerful validation of my own experience.

I’m finding Karla McLaren’s Energetic Boundaries: Practical Protection and Renewal Skills for Healers, Therapists, and Sensitive People fascinating! On this six CD set she goes into great detail about how she creates safe space for her empathic healing work. Lots of very creative and interesting ideas for managing your energy and personal space. What I’ve heard so far, I like!

In True Balance: A Commonsense Guide for Renewing Your Spirit, Sonia Choquette looks at practical, down-to-earth techniques for balancing each one of your chakras, or energy centers. This is a terrific look at self-care from a spiritual and intuitive perspective, one I am enjoying very much.

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Intro to Career Transformation For Highly Sensitive Souls
Free Introductory TeleMeeting. Next coaching group starts March 2004.

“For anyone (especially sensitive souls!) ... exploring career options or who simply wants to open up to the possibilities in the professional arena of life, I highly recommend this [group]!" – Debbie W., Coach & Consultant


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The Healing Power of Water

The healing power of water has been speaking to me lately, even in my dreams. I find myself craving showers and baths even two or three times a day! For a Californian raised during periods of drought, I get nervous about using so much water. And yet I’m finding that taking an extra long hot shower is incredibly nourishing and balancing for me, particularly as I continue to tune into my empathic and intuitive abilities. I use the time to visualize clearing away any negative energy that I might have picked up during the day, and allowing it to wash down the drain.

In True Balance, Sonia Choquette recommends an Epsom salt bath with essential oil of rose to rebalance your energy, empathy and heart chakra, and to clear out others’ emotional vibrations. I’ve also seen two other empaths recommend salt baths, including Karla McLaren.

Another sweet thought: The Art of Doing Nothing: Simple Ways to Make Time for Yourself states that bathing returns us to our “primordial marine self.” To me this speaks to the idea of reconnecting with my most fundamental self in a deeply healing way.

So luxuriate in water! Drink it, look at it, listen to it, bathe in it, or walk near it. Elaine Aron also recommends all these practices for Sensitive Souls in The Highly Sensitive Person. I know I mentioned in my last e-zine that I can find even washing dishes to be centering and grounding!


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