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Yes, I'm a week late with the December e-zine. I gave myself permission to take an extra week to rest before writing. With wedding planning and the holidays looming large, I needed a little extra time.

But at the same time -- and at long last -- I now have the first of my energy skills classes available online for download here. Others will come soon, hopefully by the end of the year.

This month, I'm focusing on three power tools for sensitive souls that will be particularly helpful during the holidays. Hope you enjoy them.


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Three Power Tools for Sensitive Souls

As sensitive souls, it's important to have a kit of "power tools" readily available -- and I'm not talking about saws or hammers. As the holidays approach, I wanted to share with you three of my top power tools that keep me going through stressful days. You may remember me mentioning them before, but let me say this: If you do nothing else in learning to work with your sensitivity, experiment with these three things. They are simple, affordable, and effective.

1. Epsom or Sea Salts Baths
Whenever I talk with sensitives, I almost always talk about salt baths. The response I usually hear is, "Oh my gosh, Jenna, when you talked about Epsom salts baths, I thought, 'Yeah, yeah, sure that will work.' But when I actually tried it, I was shocked at what a huge difference it made! I felt so much better immediately!"


  • You've picked up someone else's energy.
  • You're feeling funky.
  • You're feeling psychically attacked.
  • You're feeling ungrounded or overstimulated.
  • You've been overdoing or over-giving, or are generally feeling cranky.
  • After a big holiday party that had lots of intense energy and emotion.

An Epsom or sea salts bath can be a primary recovery tool for a sensitive soul. A salt bath grounds you -- think "salt of the earth" -- as well as cleanses your energy field. It clears away the toxic, stuck, heavy, and murky energy that our auras pick up and store. Additionally, when adding essential oils to the bath, your energetic system is further cleared and balanced.


  • Fill a bathtub with hot or warm water, as you prefer.
  • Add four generous handfuls of Epsom salts, available at most grocery stores or pharmacies at low cost. (Or, try sea or kosher salt with baking soda -- each 50% -- instead of Epsom salts. Shamanic practitioners swear by it, and some find it more effective than Epsom salts. I periodically alternate methods.)
  • Add 10 to 15 drops of an essential oil. Let your intuition guide what kind and the number of drops. Choose rose if you are overwhelmed by emotions, particularly from others, because it balances your heart chakra. Choose lavender if you feel generally stressed out or overwhelmed, because it can be very calming and soothing. Choose chamomile to calm and soothe your nervous system.
  • Enhancements: Dim the lights, light candles, and play comforting music.
  • Soak for 15 to 20 minutes, but not longer.
  • Take a shower to rinse the salt from your skin, which can otherwise be drying.
  • Moisturize your skin.
  • Notice how you feel.

2. Yarrow Flower Essences
This is another comment I hear: "Jenna, I had no idea this would be so helpful! Thank you so much for telling me about this. It has literally changed my life."


  • You unconsciously merge empathically with others.
  • You pick up on energy and emotions from others but aren't sure what's yours and what's theirs.
  • You feel overwhelmed by other people's energy.
  • You want to raise your awareness and strengthen your boundaries.
  • You can't get a clear sense about what you want and need because everyone else has such strong opinions about what you "should" do.


Dr. Kyra Mesich recommends yarrow flower essences for support with boundary strengthening. She writes about them eloquently in The Sensitive Person's Survival Guide. The essences cost about $6 for one bottle, which will last you an entire two-month period.

Although there are several yarrow flower essences, I recommend starting with white yarrow. White yarrow is best for general boundary strengthening. It works well for "extreme vulnerability to others and to the environment" and for those who feel "easily depleted, overly absorbent of negative influences, and psychic toxicity."

You can buy yarrow flower essences at or at a local health food store. Follow the directions on the bottle to add the flower essence to your water, and then sip it throughout the day. Work with the essence for two months. At the end, you'll have a much clearer sense of where you begin and leave off, and won't easily become entangled with other people's energy.

3. Florida Water
Florida water knocks my socks off. I've had the experience of feeling quite down and having my partner blow Florida water through my energy field and then rake it out using his fingers. When he does this, I feel 85 percent better within minutes. It's a huge relief.


  • You're feeling out of sorts and can't shake it.
  • You want to clear your energy field or chakras.
  • You're feeling psychically attacked.

Florida water is used by shamanic practitioners in their healing work and is very cleansing and purifying. It is named for its citrus ingredients. You can buy Florida water at shamanic stores, online (, or you can make some yourself.


  • To make Florida water, mix together in a small spray bottle 8 ounces vodka, 15 to 30 drops of grapefruit essential oil, and 15 to 30 drops of lemon essential oil. You can use your intuition and your nose to determine the number of drops and what smells right to you.
  • Spray it into your energy field -- or also try it in your home -- to clear away energy that's mucky or stuck.
  • Alternatively, and much more effectively, blow it into your field. Do this by putting a tiny, tiny bit on your bottom lip and blowing it out. I like to blow straight down the front of my body to clear my front chakras, up toward my forehead to clear my sixth chakra, straight up above me so it makes a rain and clears my crown chakra, and to either side of my head to calm my busy mind. I then spray some behind me to clear the backs of my chakras. Getting a friend to do it for you can be even better. Yes, it sounds and looks a little odd, but the results outweigh appearances.

Enjoy these tools, and enjoy the holidays.

Copyright 2006, Jennifer K. Avery

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