Dear Sensitive Souls,

I can hardly believe that 2005 is almost here. The last few months have been challenging for me. In addition to spectacular peaks – my sister made me “Auntie Jenna” and we adopted a new kitten – I’ve also experienced deep valleys, including the loss of my sweet 6-year-old cat, Maxine. Now you know why this e-zine is a week late!

I’m pleased to be moving into December. I love the holidays, despite the stresses that come with them. In this e-zine, you’ll find a new article about “Holiday Strategies for Sensitive Souls.” We had a great discussion about it at the last TeleGathering. Please join us this month for a talk about integrating the spiritual into everyday life.

You’ll also find pieces on “The Power of Morning Pages” and “What’s So Great About Being Highly Sensitive, Anyway?” Also, there’s “Beating the Winter Blues: Seasonal Survival for Sensitive Souls.” It’s been catch-up time for me on the writing front, as you can see.

Also, I’m pleased to launch a new three-phase program designed to help you bring the full power of who you are to the world. Join me to discover the inner peace that comes from a deep sense of rightness, both within yourself and with your sensitivity.

In peace,

On Transformation
Three Articles for Sensitive Souls

Article No.1:
Holiday Strategies
for Sensitive Souls

The holiday season is full of challenges – difficult family members, stressful shopping, and seemingly endless holiday parties, to name a few. Sensitive Souls often find the holidays even more stressful than our less-sensitive friends. We easily pick up the emotions and expectations of others. Since so many people get depressed around the holidays, we’re more susceptible to depression ourselves. This means we have to practice extra self-care and go into the holidays with open eyes. Here are strategies to stay connected to the essence of holiday magic.

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Article No.2:
What’s So Great About
Being Highly Sensitive, Anyway?

If you’re highly sensitive, you may see your sensitivity as a limitation. As one client said once at the outset of coaching: “I see my sensitivity as a handicap, not as a gift.” You, too, may feel like being highly sensitive is a burden. But what I’ve seen is that when you work with your sensitivity instead of against it, your life flows easily, peacefully, and naturally.

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Article No.3:
Beating the Winter Blues:
Seasonal Survival for Sensitive Souls

As someone who is highly sensitive, you’re likely to be easily disturbed by loud noises, temperature extremes, glaring lights, other people’s emotions, pressure-filled deadlines, and violent news – to name a few. But you may not be aware that you can also be affected by lack of light, particularly during the winter and other cloudy spells. I’ve learned to recognize this feeling as the “winter blues.”

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Discover Your Essential Self

One great challenge that comes with being highly sensitive is that you may not trust yourself, your instincts, or your sensitivity because others don’t see and don’t validate what is obvious to you. It means you may withdraw, feel less than whole, or despair of ever making a powerful contribution to the world.

What’s missing for most sensitive people, I’ve found, is a deep sense of inner rightness. It’s a sense of knowing who you are without a shadow of doubt, and feeling good about being in your own skin. Highly Sensitive Souls have so much to offer. You are here to make a difference! When you know this and are connected with who you really are and the power of your sensitivity, you are inspired to step forward and shine.

So what I do is take Highly Sensitive Souls through a three-phase program. It’s designed to help you align your essential self and bring the full power of who you are to the world.

Through January 2005, the Discover Your Essential Self phase of the program will be available for a substantial introductory discount. Visit my website for more details.

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Tips for
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The Power of Morning Pages

As a Highly Sensitive Soul, you may sometimes feel disconnected from yourself, particularly when you feel overwhelmed. In my experience, it can be challenging to “come back to yourself,” especially in a world where busyness and materialism abound. Compounding this, we’ve often been told, “Oh, you’re just too sensitive.” So we’ve learned NOT to trust our inner experience. This makes us feel lost and disconnected from ourselves, as if we don’t know who we are anymore.

Morning pages are a powerful antidote to self-doubt and self-forgetting. I use them as regularly as possible, and find them to be an anchor in my life. Morning pages were devised by Julia Cameron and popularized in her book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Creativity. The simple technique she recommends helps artists, writers, and seekers alike to unlock their creativity and intuition – and most importantly, themselves.

The Basics
The basic concept is to write three longhand, stream of consciousness pages every day, first thing in the morning, no matter what. Just write three pages, regardless of the size of your paper. Even if you only write, “I don’t know what to write,” over and over again, do it anyway. Cameron recommends that you not read your previous days’ pages for at least several weeks.

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