Dear Sensitive Soul,

July felt intense for many people, including me. Did you feel it, too? For many of my clients, friends, and family, July was fraught with ghosts from the past, communication and technological mishaps, constant do-overs, and extreme intensity, in ways that felt both positive and challenging. There have been many deaths lately, many losses, and many gains. My astrological sources say that the Mercury Retrograde ended July 29, which partly explains things. But there are other forces influencing the situation, too. Regardless of the cause, it seems like a spiritually intense time for many of us.

For me, things have revolved around two major events: settling into our new home, and losing a dear friend in late June. With an underlying feeling of loss and a general feeling of being overwhelmed, it has been quite a process to unpack, tweak the little stuff, (Where does the beige chair go?) and stay on track with self care, rest, and connection with my sweetie.

On the other hand, we've had some delightful gatherings here in our new home and look forward to many more. Our kitties absolutely love their new house and private yard, though little Millie has taken it upon herself to bring home various and sundry (and hopefully abandoned) articles from around the neighborhood, including dusty old stuffed animals she found who-knows-where. The cutest part is that she brought them in and put them by her own stuffed toys!

All the recent intensity prompted me to write today's article, "The Times We Live In." I hope you enjoy it.


P.S. One of my beloved clients asked about pictures of me, so I'll be posting some online after I return from an adventure to Mt. Shasta later this month.

Feature Article
The Times We Live In

When directly or unknowingly confronted with adversity, both personally and globally, sensitive souls are often powerfully affected. How do we, as people who feel things so deeply, handle such intense times like we are currently experiencing?

Recent weeks have felt like an inexorable tide — as though we are all being pulled along in a tumult of force, volume, and movement, whether we want to or not. There are peaks and there are valleys, but it has felt relentless and unyielding. I suspect that many of you have noticed something similar.

I believe that we experience "macro-shifts" in energy. As beings on this planet, we shift, grow, and change both collectively and individually. I sense that lately we have been experiencing a "contraction" -- a time of looking back to the past or being stuck in old habits, as we bring ourselves to a higher level of consciousness. Ultimately, I believe that even the challenges with such contractions are truly opportunities for awareness, learning, and growth. As a coach, I love that. But as a sensitive soul, it can sometimes feel like a bit too much.

So again, back to the original question: How can sensitive souls best cope with intense times? Consider these steps:

Take a spiritual view. Part of my answer is hidden in my notes above -- I often take a "spiritual step back." The key is shifting into a higher awareness or perspective that allows us to get out of our own limiting beliefs, fears, habits, and ego structures. I rely on my higher self, my guides, my teachers, and my empowered and sensitive friends for support, guidance, perspective, and validation. I use oracles and websites that help me find my way to a greater view. In particular, here are some resources I find helpful:

Keep the energy moving. When dealing with intense energy, there are simple ways to keep it moving so it doesn't get stuck in your own personal energy. Strong exercise, laughter, singing, and dancing, for example, will help shift your vibration into a higher octave and let the intensity dissipate from your personal experience.

Ramp-up on self care. There's a lot of talk about self care these days. But what does it really mean? Self care, to me, means prioritizing your own wellbeing through the basic things that help you feel balanced, clear, and calm. What that looks like on the ground will be specific to you. For me, it includes getting extra sleep, taking time for breaks and rest, doing self-nurturing things that recharge my energy, taking Epsom salts baths, exercising, eating well, drinking plenty of water, and clearing out my schedule of anything but the most essential and uplifting activities, both personally and professionally.

Create space to turn within. As sensitive souls, turning inward in difficult times can be just the nurturing required. Our culture would have us believe that rushing and filling in all our moments is imperative to success. I bump into this belief often, both personally and with my clients. However, I find that giving myself permission to rest, reschedule, and reorient is incredibly healing, and ultimately gives me more energy and resilience in the long-term. I hereby give you permission to do the same.

Take a break from managing the planet. While many people believe that it's our duty as citizens to keep abreast of the latest news, I find that American news is often prone to fear mongering and negativity. I choose to keep that out of my personal space. I give myself permission not to read, watch, or listen to the news. I believe that when I do so, I am better able to be a positive beacon of light in the world -- a way-shower and guide. As a sensitive soul, you too are a bearer of light and wisdom for this world of ours. By taking care of yourself, you'll be better able to do your soul work.


So, find ways to make your life a little easier and less complicated, knowing that all the work, news, and drama will be there whenever you want to go back to it. The important thing to remember is that when you allow your own light to shine, you will inspire others to do the same. And that's much needed in the times we are living in.

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