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Thank you for your interest in receiving my Transformations for Highly Sensitive Souls e-zine! I am honored to share my thoughts on thriving as sensitive beings with you.

I’m also thrilled to announce that my Real Audio “Centering for Sensitive Souls” is now available for you to use anytime you wish! Just click on this link or the one in the sidebar to be taken to my website to play the file. Enjoy!

In other news, I’ll be offering my Self-Care for Highly Sensitive Souls TeleClass this month, starting April 8th. Please consider joining me for an exquisite journey into True Self Care!

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Practicing Compassion

At the March TeleGathering, we shared our thoughts about welcoming and accepting our sensitivity, and found ourselves drawn to the topic of compassion for self.

One of the challenges we sensitives face is finding ways to cope with our inner critic. Many of us learned early on to ask ourselves, “What’s wrong with me?” We learned that our reactions were not “normal,” so we trained ourselves into a habit of self-criticism that can get easily out of control, in large part due to our natural intensity. Even worse is when we beat ourselves up for beating ourselves up!

How can we break this cycle? One approach is to practice being compassionate with ourselves. As Sensitive Souls, we know a lot about being compassionate toward others. What would it be like to extend the same degree of understanding to yourself? One participant from the Gathering thinks of herself as a three or four year old child and finds it quite easy to be gentle with herself then!

Something to experiment with: Try on a self-compassion commitment, even if it’s just for one day. Here are two examples of what that might look like: “I am committed to being as compassionate with myself as I am to others” or “I am committed to releasing self-judgment and choosing a new thought.” I’d love to hear from you about your experiences with this idea.

Recent Article Published

My recent article, “Are You Highly Sensitive?” was published last month on multiple Internet sites, including,, and to name a few. Please celebrate with me reaching many Sensitive Souls out there who have yet to discover the truth of who they are!

I’ve reprinted the initial paragraph of the article here:

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your environment or the people around you? Has anyone ever called you shy – or worse: ‘too sensitive?’ Do you care deeply about EVERYTHING? You may be a Highly Sensitive Soul – a person of deep empathy and high intensity, with powerful intuition, awareness, and intelligence.

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April 8th, 15th, and 22nd

Experience an adventure of the soul into the land of True Self Care. In this class, join other Sensitive Souls seeking to release self-care from their to-do lists and to integrate it into their way of life. As I have made this shift, I see how I am infinitely more able to dance in the flow of life with ease and grace. I invite you experience this dance with me!

We will explore self-care in the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual realms and discover the self-care your Sensitive Soul requires. You will be supported to integrate self-care into your life in a seamless, joyful way.

More about the TeleClass ->

Announcing the Spiritual Support & Consciousness Coaching Group
Two Groups Starting April 6 and April 7

Are you interested in receiving the support and energy of a magnificent group of spiritual coaches as we explore the truth of who we are, our life purpose, our consciousness, our spirituality, creating, and ourselves - where we are learning, growing, & expanding?  Join us!

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Just Say No (Thank You)

One of the skills I am developing is my ability to set boundaries and to say no graciously. My grandmother is an excellent model for me – she has the most pleasant way of saying, “Oh no, thank you, I don’t care for any” or “I won’t be able to come, but I so appreciate you thinking of me.” When she says no, it is clear that she is taking care of herself and speaking her mind while being authentically grateful for whatever has been offered to her.

How are you giving yourself permission to kindly “just say no?”

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