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By Jenna Avery, CLC,
Life Coach for Sensitive Souls

As a Highly Sensitive Soul, you may sometimes feel disconnected from yourself, particularly when you feel overwhelmed. In my experience, it can be challenging to “come back to yourself,” especially in a world where busyness and materialism abound. Compounding this, we’ve often told, “Oh, you’re just too sensitive.” So we’ve learned not to trust our inner experience. This makes us feel lost and disconnected from ourselves, as if we don’t know who we are anymore.

Morning pages are a powerful antidote to self-doubt and self-forgetting. I use them as regularly as possible, and find them to be an anchor in my life. Morning pages were devised by Julia Cameron and popularized in her book, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Creativity. The simple technique she recommends helps artists, writers, and seekers alike to unlock their creativity and intuition – and most importantly, themselves.

What’s powerful about this seemingly simple tool is that it requires you to be honest with yourself.

The Basics
The basic concept is to write three longhand, stream of consciousness pages every day, first thing in the morning, no matter what. Just write three pages, regardless of the size of your paper. Even if you only write, “I don’t know what to write,” over and over again, do it anyway. Cameron recommends that you not read your previous days’ pages for at least several weeks.

The Power
What’s powerful about this seemingly simple tool is that it requires you to be honest with yourself. It’s challenging to write every day about the things that are bothering you and what’s going on. You thus recognize the truth about what’s working or not working in your life. And there’s usually a turning point sometime into it – you’ll suddenly find yourself brainstorming ideas, gaining clarity, or happening upon new insights. This “magical moment” seems to be consistent each day. And the magic comes in the form of ideas – big and powerful ideas, small and charming ideas, or inspirations for action. I’ve been profoundly and deeply affected by the personal growth and insight that my morning pages provide.

Radical Self-Acceptance
Once you’ve stepped into this place of consciousness, it’s hard to go back. Fundamentally, morning pages give you permission to be who you are. They are a radical form of self-acceptance. By being true to yourself and fully expressing all of yourself without judgment, you honor the truth of who you are.

Personally, I have found morning pages invaluable, from plain-old venting to accessing powerful insights. I use my pages to whine, moan, and complain. I unload my greatest fears and my deepest desires. And I ask for guidance from my inner self. This is a great way to clear your mind and listen to your heart. You might also consider morning poems or morning drawings as alternatives to traditional morning pages.

Hope you enjoy.


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Jenna Avery is a highly sensitive coach and intuitive who specializes in guiding sensitive souls to find a deep sense of inner rightness within themselves so they are inspired to step forward and shine. Jenna is a Certified Life Coach based in Berkeley, California. She can be reached at 510.984.3474. You’re invited to take her free online assessment: "Is Your Sensitivity Working For You?" on her website at

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